martedì 18 dicembre 2012

#67 more news and gift!

Hello girls, I wanted to first of all say thank you to you who visit my blog and my posts, you are always more and that makes me so happy! It would be nice if you also subscribe to my blog (repay with pleasure). Now we move to this new outfits :.Envious.:  I love this too, the peculiarity of this brand and that includes everything, shoes accessories, and nail, I love !

Hair: Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift - Alice Project [18 Dec]
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*::2012Autumn::*LightSkin*2 Gift
Complete outfit (incluede all accessories) : :.Envious.:  Menace New!
Poses: Poses from : : A x i x : : New!

Thank you very much :.Envious.: 
Thank you : : A x i x : : these beautiful poses

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